Gold Coast AV offers a wide range of residential home entertainment services. With the right equipment and expertise, We can come to your house on the Gold Coast or Tweed Heads and sort out any issue.

Having problems with your TV reception?     

Poor TV reception can lead to TV picture breaking up, or pixelation, on your TV channels. Gold Coast AV is your Digital TV Antenna Specialist and will take care of all your TV Antenna installation and repair needs. Using up to date measuring equipment, correct TV reception can be obtained for all television antennas, whether a UHF antenna or VHF antenna. If required, we can also fit the right Antenna Amplifier Booster and power supply to your TV Arial.

For black spot reception areas, Gold Coast AV can supply and install a VAST satellite system, so you can enjoy all the free to air TV channels.


Home Entertainment installation, tuning, servicing and repairs

TV Tuning or Installation: Gold Coast AV can Supply, install, tune, or troubleshoot your Television, Blu-Ray DVD, Hard Drive Recorder, Foxtel iQ, Home Theatre, Video Projector, Apple TV, Smart TV, Sound Bar, USB device, WiFi device, IPTV Internet TV Streaming device, Set Top Box, Satellite decoder box, or any other Audio Visual gear.

Written instructions- easy to follow

And what about being able to use that complicated equipment? No worries because Gold Coast AV will write easy to follow instructions, and demonstrate how to use every function of your gear. For example; Which input on your TV. How to record, playback, and delete TV shows and movies. Also, you may have heard about “Freeview” and “Catch Up” TV. We can show you the great benefits of being able to watch a TV show you might have missed! And don’t worry, even if you are still struggling with using your gear, simply call Kev on 0408 450 878 to get free, over the phone, assistance. Now, that’s a very good service!

Expert Service…. Written Instructions…. Free Telephone Assistance….


TV Wall Mounting Services

If you want your TV mounted on any wall, we are the experts with well over a decade of experience. Your TV can be flat mounted or have full motion for corner mounting, or to be able to swing for  different viewing positions. Also, why not hide those cables? That’s easy for Gold Coast AV. And why buy expensive or unsuitable brackets when we can supply the best suited, and most affordable bracket for you. All our brackets are government VESA approved for you safety and satisfaction!


Home Theatre, Video Projectors & Soundbar installation and servicing

Gold Coast AV has vast experience and expertise with Home Theatre Installation.  We can wall mount your Home Theatre speakers, or install your video projector system. Optimising or troubleshooting your existing Home Theatre system is one of our specialities. Enjoy your surround sound system as it is meant to be heard!

Soundbars are becoming so popular now, as well. This is because they look and sound great, for those who don’t have the room or desire for many speakers. Gold Coast AV can install one on your TV cabinet or wall mount it.


One Remote to Rule them All

If having too many remotes is doing your head in, and let’s face it, for most of us it does, why not set yourself free with a One Touch remote that will not only control all of your gear at the push of ONE button, but also has the ability to problem solve as well. Gold coast AV can supply & install one for you and show you exactly how amazingly it will change your whole home entertainment experience. Why not us a call to find out more!

We can provide extra TV or PAY TV outlets

Extra TV points and outlets can be professionally fitted using only digital TV and satellite approved RG6 Quad shield coax cable and wall plate fittings.

Internet Streaming TV 

Want to stream movies, music or photos from your Smart TV, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Android, PC or MAC computer using WiFi or Ethernet Internet? Set up Spotify, iTunes, Netflix, Stan? We can show you how!

How about streaming Live TV channels and movies from China, Asia, France, Italy, Middle Eastern countries and more? Gold Coast AV can supply and install IPTV internet TV channels that stream via your internet or via satellite

Want to send Foxtel to another room, or rooms? No problem! Gold Coast AV supplies and installs AV senders which will do just that!
Need one universal remote to effortlessly control everything? We can supply and set up an easy to use, one touch, remote control.

Satellite TV system installation, servicing and repairs

Need a Satellite dish installed on you roof? Or maybe your existing satellite dish is not aligned correctly. For Foxtel, Free to Air TV channels, or International TV channels, just give us a call. That’s what we do so well!

Do you want free Satellite TV channels? Some of the available free satellite channels are: Free to Air TV, Christian, Italian, Middle Eastern, English, Chinese, French, South American, Dutch, Russian, Serbian and many other European channels. We can supply, install or service your satellite dish and satellite decoder box. For Free to Air reception black spots, Gold Coast AV can supply and install a VAST satellite system, so you can enjoy all the free to air TV channels.


Cables and Surge Boards

There is no need to buy overly expensive cables for your TV and Audio equipment. Gold Coast AV can provide you with high quality leads such as HDMI, Digital Audio (optical) cables and TV antenna leads at great prices! We also carry Power Surge Boards to protect your expensive equipment from power surges and lightning strikes. AV senders, Digital Set Top Boxes, VAST and other satellite decoder boxes,  and much more!.


Guaranteed and Insured

All work carried out by Gold Coast AV is high quality & professional, fully insured, and comes with a full customer satisfaction, warranty and money back guarantee.


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